4K video Editing


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Looking to build a PC for 4K video editing.

After any recommendations from anybody who has built and used such a machine. As you can see from the answers below I am not sure what I need.

Processor brand preference (if any): AMD
Graphics card preference (if any): None
PC Budget: $ How much are you allocating to this PC build

What level of gaming would you like from this new PC?:
  • No gaming
What level of video creation would you like from this new PC?
  • The new PC is mainly for video editing

What level of 3D rendering do you need from this PC?
  • I don't currently render 3D
What level of overclocking do you plan to do with this PC?
  • I have no idea
How much LED lighting do you like?
  • I don't mind some basic lighting

Which other details are you looking for in your new PC?
  • Do you need a Windows License Yes
  • Does It need to have WiFi? No
  • Do you need the computer to stream gameplay to Twitch/Youtube/Facebook etc? No
  • Does it need to be able to play VR games? No
  • Does it need to be quiet? Yes
  • Do you want liquid cooling / don't want liquid cooling? No Idea
How much storage do you need?
Small SSD? (We'd always recommend an SSD for the operating system)

ANy advice appreciated


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Hi, Thanks for the configuration.

I would prefer to upgrade quite a bit.

Processor something like - AMD Ryzen™ 7 3800X 8-Core AM4 Processor, 3.9GHz, 32MB Cache

Memory - Fast 64GB

Graphics card Something Like - Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 6800 16GB Video Card


1TB (7000MB/5000MB R/W) Samsung 980 PRO Gen4 PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD​


Western Digital WD Black 6TB 3.5" HDD SATA 6gb/s 7200RPM 256MB Cache​

I have no idea or preference about other elements including the case, Motherboard, Cooling or power supply. I expect to use wired networking.

I will need a reasonable keyboard and mouse and will probably look elsewhere for a 4K screen

If any of the above is a horrible miss-match or if I can get a better bang for my buck please let me know.



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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for you response. Apologies for the late reply due to large volume of queries and orders we have. Will you still able to provide us the screenshot of the spec sheet we created last time? The link has expired. Will wait for your response. Cheers!



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Hi Stephen,

I have created a new spec sheet for you. But it is now based on the things you wanted to change. If you have other concerns let us know. Thanks!