COVID 19 Lockdown for SA


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Hi all,

You may or may not know that COVID has come back to South Australia this week.
The government has decided to enforce a 7-day Stage 5 Lockdown You can read the official Response here:

COVID-19 Response

What does this mean for Dream PC?
Dream PC will continue at 66% capacity, as we have remote workers and workers that work from home, and very limited production staff.
This means new orders are unaffected by a 7-day lockdown.
  • Orders will still be processed
  • Phones will still be answered
  • Support will still be given
  • Shipments will still come and go

What will be affected?
As our production is now limited, existing orders may suffer a delay in the building, testing, quality control and dispatch phases. They are still being built and shipped, but customers may experience a longer than normal time in having their PC shipped out the door.
During the lockdown, any new orders would unlikely be affected because we would generally be waiting for parts anyway in that first week, so our reduced production will not play a part in new orders coming in during the lockdown.
However, if the government decides to extend the lockdown further, this would then result in those new orders being also potentially delayed.

We thank you for your support and patience whilst we work around the clock to get as many PC's built as we can during this 2nd phase of the highly annoying pandemic!

For all our customers, contacts, friends and family in SA - stay safe and let's do the right thing to get on top of this outbreak asap so we can get back to normal quicker.

If you have placed an order with 'Local pickup' selected, we will be in touch to co-ordinate a zero contact collection. You will also have the option for us to send it to you for free, or wait until the lockdown is lifted so you can continue to collect when you feel ready.

Deliveries are unaffected - all courier / Australia Post deliveries are still green light for continuation during the lockdown.
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