Difference between AMD and INTEL


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I’m wondering what exactly the difference between these AMD and intel are. I’ve only used intel as has my tech/ gaming obsessed boyfriend. But I’m wondering what would be more recommend. Is there any reason to choose one over the other?


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AMD mostly for gaming. Intel is for mixed office use and gaming. Most gamers use AMD nowadays.


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Hi Alice, and welcome to the forum.
This has always been a grey topic, with many people bickering over who holds the crown. Up until recent years, Intel have led the charge but AMD found them napping in the last few years so they have been able to take advantage, catch up and now surpass.

That said, availability, pricing and case uses still begs the question you ask. The answer is simply : The one that is right for you.

I found an article about this topic you may want to read up on.

The water is becoming muddy when it comes to choosing which one, but each of them pip each other in certain scenarios. Multi-core, multi-threaded workloads tends to favour AMD but gaming is still often trading blows with Intel depending on which particular game you want it to excel at. We're now splitting hairs so much that we gain a few frames per second in game A, then lose a few frames per second in game B. Yep, it's that tricky.

With that in mind, I would recommend looking at price and stock availability firstly, then compare the bang-for-buck between the two based on what you need it to do. For example, the Ryzen 7 5800X might perform better slightly, but the Intel i7-10700K might be a bit cheaper and more readily available. That's when the decision gets tough. Do you wait, or do you put the money in?

If you have a spec in mind, feel free to let us know what you intend to use it for and we'll see if we can suggest if that's the better option or if there is an alternate option.
I hope that helps