How to Get Help With Your Specs

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You are probably here because you need help with your specs, and that's ok!​

To get help with configuring your new PC, you can share your ideas for your new computer specs here, and the community (or us at DPC) will try to assist you the best we can.​

How to share your PC specs here:

First of all, you will need to make sure you have an account on the forum to be able to post anything.


You can register using either a Facebook login, or just use your email / create a password.
Once you are logged in, Configure your PC using the main website


Configure it, then use the "SHARE YOUR CONFIG" button and copy / paste the link it generates in to a new forum post.


If you don't have any PC configuration in mind just yet and you need advice on which parts to put in there, then you can use this simple template in order to give everyone an idea of what you need it to do.

Tips on what to write in order to get a good idea of what you need​

(Help us help you)

Processor brand preference (if any): Intel / AMD
Graphics card preference (if any): AMD / NVIDIA
PC Budget: $ How much are you allocating to this PC build

What level of gaming would you like from this new PC?:
  • No gaming
  • Basic gaming
  • Mid-Tier (1080p)
  • High-End (1440p)
  • Top-Spec (4K)
What level of video creation would you like from this new PC?
  • I don't edit video
  • I create video occasionally
  • I create video for leisure
  • The new PC is mainly for video editing

What level of 3D rendering do you need from this PC?
  • I don't render 3D objects/scenes
  • I render for school/college
  • I render for personal projects
  • I render for work
What level of overclocking do you plan to do with this PC?
  • I won't be overclocking it
  • I might overclock in the future
  • I want Dream PC to overclock for me
  • I want a BEAST machine running as fast as it can go.
How much LED lighting do you like?
  • I hate RGB
  • I don't mind some basic lighting
  • I'm ok with a case with a button to change RGB colours
  • I want all RGB to be fully in-sync via software

Which other details are you looking for in your new PC?
  • Do you need a Windows License?
  • Does It need to have WiFi?
  • Do you need the computer to stream gameplay to Twitch/Youtube/Facebook etc?
  • Does it need to be able to play VR games?
  • Does it need to be quiet?
  • Do you want liquid cooling / don't want liquid cooling?
How much storage do you need?
Small SSD? (We'd always recommend an SSD for the operating system)
1TB / 2TB / 4TB / 6TB / 8TB / 10TB / Not sure

Anything else you can tell us about what you need it to do? Listing software or the games you want to play really help too.

I hope the above inspires some considerations for you and giving as much as that information will really give a good idea to what you are looking for.

To Get help directly from Dream PC​

If you prefer for Dream PC to help you in private conversation, you can always use our "Get Help" page and fill out the form. We shall get back to you via email the next day during weekdays.


We hope your Dream PC comes true.
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